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Johnny Daniels
Johnny Daniels

Aquasoft Photo Kalender Full Versionl

AquaSoft PhotoKalender is a great program for creating your own calendars with many designs and nice pictures added by yourself. After you add photos to the program's list by simply clicking on the 'add photos' button placed at the top of the application's window, you can order them, select templates, choose an output folder and then get nice calendars created.One would think that a program to create calendars limits itself to a template to add pictures and that's all. Nevertheless, this application can be fully customized. You can set any date on the calender and mark it as a special occasion. You can add notes for every important day in your country and even in your life. The program lets you add any birthday on the created calendar.The calendars you create with AquaSoft PhotoKalender can be printed. A printed calendar could be a nice gift to give to someone you love. Or you could use it to remember special dates and have it placed somewhere in your house. The application has lots of templates for you to choose. But the good thing is that you can design each template to fulfill your needs.All of the changes you add to your calendar can be previewed from the program's main window. Besides, you can choose which language to use to create your calendar.Once you have finished customizing your project, you can choose whether to save it to your desktop, to save it as a PDF file or to print it.

Aquasoft Photo Kalender Full Versionl



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