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Download and Enjoy The Blue Eggs Episode 12: The Epic Move

This is a collection of individual reviews and a breakdown of all events, secrets, references and easter eggs in the first season of the Star Wars series Andor available on Disney Plus. Adrian goes beep behind the plots of each episode to discover what the world od Star Wars was like when the Rebellion was born!

the blue eggs episode 12 download

Another interesting thing about American robins is that their eggs are a Tiffany Blue color, often called "robin blue egg." This beautiful color has attracted lots of people's attention. The reason they have robin blue eggs is due to the pigment in the blood of female robins.The blood of female robins contains a biliverdin pigment, which is transferred onto the eggshell.

This episode originally had a cutscene involving the pigs scaring the birds with a Large Pig ghost and stealing the eggs. However, in mid-2012, it was changed to an ending photo to resemble a memorial of a holiday, they are depicted here.

In this segment, the members will have a competition to build something for a judge. In episode 14, they have a competition to see who could build the best and most durable chair. Tyler won the competition. In episode 16, they had to make a painting resembling Panda standing in front of a burning basketball goal and were each given a different background. The person whose painting was worth the most money won the competition. Tyler also won this competition. In episode 18, they had to make a pendulum painting. First up was Cody, Cory, and Tyler. Then Garrett and Coby created theirs. Cody won this competition. In episode 19, everyone carved a pumpkin. This time had a different judge. Tyler won this time. In episode 22, they had to build the most creative, stable, and tasty gingerbread house. Garrett won this competition. In episode 23, it was renamed Get Un-Crafty and whoever made the worst burger would win. Coby won this challenge. In episode 25, it was an egg drop competition using an ostrich egg. However, this time, it was carried over to episode 26 because none of the eggs broke in the previous episode. In episode 26, they dropped their eggs from a helicopter flying at 100 feet, except for Garrett, who dropped his from 200 feet because his contraption had a parachute. Garrett won this competition.


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