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How To Buy A Body Shaper ((BETTER))

The first time that I wore shapewear was a complete disaster. I needed to squeeze into a dress that was nearly two sizes too small. The stylist assured me that I'd look great if I just threw on a pair of Spanx. I figured that a small bodysuit would slim my medium-sized frame into a small, but I found out the hard way that this is not how shapewear works.

how to buy a body shaper

It was tough for me to get in and out of the tiny bodysuit to use the restroom, and even eating lunch was a challenge. I had lost my appetite because the ill-fitting garment had my entire midsection in a bind. After spending nearly 10 hours (without eating) in a pair of shapewear that were way too small, I ended up going home with a massive migraine and feeling woozy.

That's how I learned that sizing is everything when it comes to wearing shapewear. At first, I didn't understand how stars like Mindy Kaling and Anne Hathaway could wear the body-shaping underwear during long evenings at award shows without passing out. But now I know it's because they purchase the proper size. "I look at it like clothing is the art and Spanx shapers and smoothers are the canvas," Spanx founder Sara Blakely tells SELF. "You have to have the right canvas for the painting to turn out!" And perfectly fitting shapewear has helped so many women to smooth out their canvas.

The slimming lycra in shapewear will hug your body in all of the right places, so there's no need to go down a size. If you're thinking that a smaller option will give you an extra boost, think again. The body shapers are designed to enhance your silhouette according to your true size. "For the shapewear and smoothing base layers, just buy the same size you wear in clothes," say Blakely. "If you're a small buy a small. If you're a medium buy a medium, and so on." Anything too snug will end up causing bulges (picture a busted can of biscuits) and discomfort. You could also experience that annoying rolling effect if you're not wearing the right size.

You can customize your look by selecting a body shaper that has more or less stretch. "We have three levels of compression: Level 1 Smooth, Level 2 Shape, and Level 3 Sculpt," says Blakely. Each level offers a more snug fit as it goes higher. You can select the level and type of body shaper you need based off of particular outfits that you have in mind. "I wear the open bust bodysuit silhouette under all dresses that have a sleeve," says Blakely. "The high-waist or regular waist mid-thigh shapers are perfect under sleeveless dresses and skirts. And Skinny Britches is my everyday smoother." That's one of their lightest products. It's tissue paper thin, and so lightweight that it feels like a second skin. "I wear it all summer instead of underwear," says Blakely.

The perfect color combination will depend on two things: your outfit and your complexion. If you have darker skin and are wearing a look that has light fabric, look for shapewear in black or cocoa. Lighter skin tones should wear a bare-hued bodysuit underneath thin garments. The black option also works well on all complexions with darker outerwear. And if you want to spice things up, you can. "For 15 years women have been flashing me their Spanx," says Blakely. "So I decided to make it more fun and offer a variety of colors and prints from coral crush to limeade."

Most body shapers are made to be worn as underwear, so you'll need to wash them after each use. Instead of throwing your shapewear in the washer and dryer, which can be harsh on the delicate fabric, gently use your hands to clean them. Don't forget to lay them flat to dry, and make sure you're not twisting or wringing them out during the process as this will cause them to lose their shape.

If you have yet to unlock the magic that is shapewear, prepare to have your world rocked. It's like someone took an iron to you and smoothed out every lump you have. It's like Photoshop for your living, breathing, three-dimensional body. It works so well that most celebrities wear shapewear on the red carpet. I'm trying not to oversell it, but we are talking about the product that made Spanx founder Sara Blakely the world's youngest self-made female billionaire.

There's just one problem with this genre of wonder-garments: shapewear has gotten so popular that it now comes in a seemingly endless array of styles and fabrics. How do you decide which will work best for your body and your wardrobe? Here's a guide to choosing the best shapewear for you:

If there's no performance level listed on the tag, check out the clothing label. The higher the nylon content, the more a garment will alter your shape. You can also get a sense of the level of shaping by feeling the fabric. If it's lightweight and slips through your hands, it's likely designed simply to smooth out targeted spots on your figure. Heavier pieces are usually armed with compression zones that will suck and tuck your body into shape.

The bodysuit is popular because it creates a head-to-toe streamlined shape, saving you the trouble of finding separate top and bottom pieces that work. The all-over coverage is a plus for women who "want to minimize a larger chest," notes Coloma, but it has a chest-flattening effect like that of many sports bras. If that doesn't work for you, bodysuits like this TC 'Torsette' Body Shaper cut around the bust and let your bra do the work of supporting your chest. There are also styles like the *Spanx 'Boostie-Yay' Slimming Bodysuit With Bra Top that come with a built-in bra.

Shapewear is typically made of nylon and spandex, both synthetic fabrics that don't breathe. That's great in colder climates, where you want to retain as much body heat as possible, but in the warmer months, it makes you more prone to sweat. Fortunately several brands sell summer shapewear, lighter versions of their original products designed with breathability in mind. Japan-based Wacoal offers a wide selection of styles in its Cool Definition line. The fabric used for this Wacoal High-Waist Mid-Thigh Shaper, for example, includes cotton for moisture absorption and breathability and microfiber for odor control.

"Start with the basics like a mid-thigh shaper, a slip dress, and then add something more specialized like underwear," Joy says. "You can build your shapewear wardrobe as you would build a regular wardrobe."

Full body suit with a chest cut-out. Body suits slim the hips and hold in the stomach, but they can also flatten your chest, like a sports bra. New styles have an open bust that actually lifts your breasts. (You wear it with a separate bra.) When you try on a body suit, make sure that the overall effect is smoothing and that it doesn't create bulges in new spots, like where the seam hits your thigh, Banks-Coloma says. If you're hoping to minimize a larger chest, choose a suit that covers it.

Mid-thigh shaper. These look like bicycle shorts that extend up to the waist (or higher) and can cinch your thighs, butt, hips, and abdomen. "If you have bulk on your thighs and not around your stomach you can get a short that comes up to the waist," Banks-Coloma says. "But if you have bulk all over, you should find one that comes up to just under the bust."

If you go too tight, the band on the top will roll over. "Be careful if you have a flat butt that the shaper doesn't make it look flatter," Joy says. If that's the case, look for a butt-boosting style.

Some shapewear focuses specially on the lower stomach area, helping to sculpt and control without being restricting. Ashley Stewart specializes in seamless, plus-size styles that hug your body comfortably without rolling or cutting into your skin.

Medical compression body shapers accelerate the healing process, improve overall blood circulation and reduce swelling by preventing dangerous fluid buildup. It also encourages your body to fit better into its new contoured, shape, which decreases the likelihood of any sagging to unwanted side-effects

It is made to hold your stomach in, making your abdomen sleek and snug, and giving you an hourglass look. The shaper's midsection is made of two layers of elastic fabric to deliver the maximum compression on the belly, waist, and back. It has an ergonomic seamless design that is undetectable beneath everyday clothing and is free of ghastly panty lines. This ensures that it adapts to any body type as much as possible, making all long and short torsos fit perfectly.

The middle and entire low back is fully supported by the waist-cincher in the Yerkoad shapewear for the ones with short stomachs, which also strengthens posture and relieves back pain. The seamless compression in this garment is made of highly elastic materials and it can rapidly trim our waistlines by effectively tightening extra fat in the waist area. Without causing any discomfort, this women's body shaper helps you lose inches by minimizing unflattering love handles, fat rolls, lumps, and muffin tops.

Shapermint High Waisted Body Shaper does not discriminate. It recognizes beauty in all shapes and sizes and helps to smoothen the bodies to achieve a comfortable and lean look. The fabric is lightweight and stretchy but the midsection that holds the stomach is smooth like butter and compresses hard like rubber. This shape-wear supports like a corset but looks like a regular tummy control shaper. It provides overall coverage for the thighs, back, butt, and stomach.

When it comes to achieving an appealing and wasp-waisted figure, the finest body shaper for a large stomach with lightweight and breathable fabric is the real deal. The wide silicone waistband helps minimize roll down while the 2-ply mesh liner contours your abdomen to keep you feeling great all day. This contouring bottom features a stretchy fit that glides with you, courtesy of its buttery soft stretch microfiber material. For comfort and confidence, this boy shorts tummy shaper offers the ideal amount of stomach, waist, and posterior concealment.

SHAPERX tummy control shapewear reduces the appearance of mommy tummy and flab. It obeys and stays put in place, unlike our kids or husbands. Although the shaper doesn't necessarily lift the rear double whammies, it does not flatten it out either. It provides support to the bust and bum to accentuate it. There is a double gusset in this shaper which prevents one from feeling airy underneath when they choose to go commando. Its hip and love handle compression is a selling point. The difference in the compression before and after you wear the shaper is easily discernible. 041b061a72


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