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Body Soul - Hey Baby 2003 !!EXCLUSIVE!!

After being signed by S-Curve Records, her US market album was released by S-Curve Records and in the international market her album was released by EMI Music. Stone flew to Miami and Philadelphia to start work on her debut album, The Soul Sessions, released on 16 September 2003. She collaborated with people with solid credentials in the Miami soul scene such as Betty Wright, Benny Latimore, Timmy Thomas and Little Beaver as well as contemporary acts Angie Stone and the Roots. The album, produced by Steve Greenberg, Mike Mangini and Betty Wright, consists of little-known soul tracks by Franklin, Laura Lee, Bettye Swann and others. Released in late 2003, it reached the top five on the UK Albums Chart as well as the top forty of the US Billboard 200 chart. The lead single, "Fell in Love with a Boy", a reworking of the White Stripes' 2001 "Fell in Love with a Girl", reached the top 20 of the UK Singles Chart, as did the second single, a cover version of Sugar Billy's 1974 song "Super Duper Love (Are You Diggin' on Me)". The album eventually went triple platinum by the British Phonographic Industry in mid-April 2005[23] and gold by the Recording Industry Association of America in late March 2004.[24]

Body Soul - Hey baby 2003

Stone possesses the vocal range of a mezzo-soprano and contralto.[108] She often performs barefoot and has been described as "the white Aretha Franklin" since her debut in music industry.[109][110][111] However, Stone was the subject of some contention in the United States, according to Alexis Petridis, writing in The Guardian in 2003, where, he claims, her audience expected soul artists "to have been born in poverty and have had a rough and painful life" in order to sing soul music due to its emotional nature.[111]

Body Language was released on 14 November 2003 in Australia,[21] while in the United Kingdom it was released three days later.[12][22] In the United States, Body Language was released on 10 February 2004.[1] The cover art of the album, as well as other promotion shoots, show Minogue striking a pose in a black and white striped crop top, which reveals her midriff, and black pantyhose, which were worn without shoes. Her appearance is similar to that of French actress and singer Brigitte Bardot,[2] who was regarded as the "first foreign-language star ever to attain a level of international success comparable to America's most popular homegrown talents" and one of the best known sex symbols of the 1950s and 1960s, frequently cited as the "archetypal sex kitten" and "sex goddess".[23][24] Minogue described the promotion shoots as "the perfect mix of coquette, kitten and rock 'n' roll", and revealed that "We shot it on location in the South of France, so it was [easy to] channel the spirit of [Brigitte] Bardot. She's a great iconic reference, particularly that period where she was working with Serge Gainsbourg".[2] The title of the album was taken from a line from the song "Slow" in which Minogue sings "Read my body language".[12]

MacDougall repeated his experiment with fifteen dogs and observed that "the results were uniformly negative, no loss of weight at death." This result seemingly corroborated MacDougall's hypothesis that the loss in weight recorded as humans expired was due to the soul's departure from the body, since (according to his religious doctrine) animals have no souls. (MacDougall's explanation that "the ideal tests on dogs would be obtained in those dying from some disease that rendered them much exhausted and incapable of struggle" but "it was not my fortune to get dogs dying from such sickness" led author Mary Roach to observe that "barring a local outbreak of distemper, one is forced to conjecture that the good doctor calmly poisoned fifteen healthy canines for his little exercise in biological theology.")

So, out of six tests, two had to be discarded, one showed an immediate drop in weight (and nothing more), two showed an immediate drop in weight which increased with the passage of time, and one showed an immediate drop in weight which reversed itself but later recurred. And even these results cannot be accepted at face value as the potential for experimental error was extremely high, especially since MacDougall and his colleagues often had difficulty in determining the precise moment of death, one of the key factors in their experiments. (MacDougall later attempted to explain away the timing discrepancies by concluding that "the soul's weight is removed from the body virtually at the instant of last breath, though in persons of sluggish temperament it may remain in the body for a full minute.")

The world need not wait for the results of experiments about to be conducted by Dr. DUNCAN MacDougall of Haverhill, Mass., in obtaining pictures of the human soul. Anybody can do it. At least that is the confident announcement of Dr. W.J. KILNER of London, whose methods Dr. MacDougall and Dr. PATRICK S. O'DONNELL, the X-ray expert of Chicago, seem to have copied. Get some of Dr. KILNER's dye which he calls "dicyanin"; make a screen of glass, coat it with collodion and gelatine mixed with the dye, and uncover this sensitized screen in the gloaming before a select circle of friends.

To the Editor of The New York Times:Neither Dr. W. J. Kilner of London, nor Dr. MacDougall of Haverhill, Mass., nor Dr. Patrick S. O'Connell of Chicago has ever claimed that the atmosphere surrounding the human body represents the soul. None of these gentleman has ever claimed that he was able to obtain photographs of the atmosphere surrounding the body. All this talk has emanated from the heated brain of a highly imaginative newspaper reporter, but has no foundation in facts, and I am sorry for the man who palmed off this editorial on your good self . . .6

The search for the location of the human soul probably dates back to the awareness of such an entity. Termed atman by ancient Indian philosophers, psyche by the Greek and anima by the Romans, it has been considered resident within, but distinct from the human body. Many consider it immortal, postulating death to be the consequence of the departure of the soul from the body.

Santoro et al. (2009) recently reviewed the postulates regarding the nature and location of the soul in the human body. They concluded that there exist two dominant and, in many respects, incompatible concepts of the soul: one that understands the soul to be spiritual and immortal, and another that understands the soul to be material and mortal. In both cases, the soul has been described as being located in a specific organ or anatomic structure or as pervading the entire body, and, in some instances, beyond mankind and even beyond the cosmos.

Reunited with Edward, Alphonse, Hohenheim, and a newly-captured Mustang, the five humans are forced into once again opening The Gate of Truth under Father's behest. After the massive transmutation, the Homunculus returns in a body which "harnesses the power of God", and Izumi (along with the remaining rest) unleash their combined efforts in taking him down. She is seen transmuting alchemic spikes to shoot and even collapsing a full column on him, both to little avail. Eventually, Father is forced to retreat, and Izumi is quick to follow. She watches in horror as Father creates humans from the souls of the long dead Xerxesians, becoming sick at the sight of a baby crawling towards her. She is caught in the blast unleashed afterwards.

The soul is the life of a person. It is the animating principle of a person, and is responsible for imagination, memory, reason, and emotions. As such, the soul serves as the command center for the person. Neither the body nor the spirit can function on its own; both look to the soul for direction and action.

The Bible also says that in the future resurrection, we will be given glorified and incorruptible bodies (1 Cor 15:52). When that happens, each person will once again be as God intended and planned, perfect in body, soul, and spirit so that we can live and function as a whole, united person.

In the present age, unbelievers have a soul which often seeks to do good, and wills to do good, but since they do not have the Holy Spirit, they cannot do anything to please God. And since their body is corrupted with sin, the soul cannot obey God through the flesh either.

Have you read or studied much about the three parts of man? Some believe we have only two parts: the body and a soul/spirit. What are your thoughts on the three parts of man? Do you have anything to add to what I have written above?

If we are body, soul and spirit where does the mind reside if we have to transformed by the renewing of our mind.In the bible we have a small s for spirit and a big S signifying the Holy Spirit. Where is the small spirit when the Holy Spirit comes along. Do we not have an inner man that struggles with the Holy Spirit? What is the inner man? When the Holy Spirit came along our broken spirit had to be healed in order for it to allow the Holy Spirit to lead and take precedence. What is our broken spirit?It also states in Psalm 19:7 that the word revives the Soul which means it was dead at one point.This has raised so many questions. I always thought we had a small spirit that needed to submit to the will of God

I go the other direction. We have many parts: Eyes, hands, feet, just like Paul lists in his body-of-Christ metaphor. (1Co 12). The soul and spirit are simply two more body parts; the soul is kinetic and energetic, and the spirit is immaterial.

Great text as well. I think some synonyms are being used here. In my own thinking, the mind resides in the soul and operates through the body and the spirit. The strength is the body, and the heart is the spirit.

Definitely we are tripartite in nature as they are so are we the father is the soul the son is the body and the holy spirit is spirit.In Jesus We see those 3 parts operating in harmony as he is so are we.

The passage in Ezequiel 36 does say that when we come into a new relationship with God, He will cleanse us, change our disposition and in fact, put a new spirit in us, the old one that died in the fall is no longer taken into consideration. The one we get is absolutely new.However, in the same passage we read that in addition to a new spirit, the Holy Spirit (His Spirit) comes to indwell the new believer.We are in fact restored to spirit, soul, and body but now indwelt by the Holy Spirit to guide us.What a blessing! 041b061a72


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