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Oliver Walker
Oliver Walker

Miraculous Paris

Together with Cat Noir, Ladybug protects Paris from the villain Hawk Moth, who keeps gifting troubled teens an akuma. This has the opposite effect of a miraculous, turning the teenagers into super baddies, who need to be stopped.

miraculous paris


The Chapel of our Lady of the miraculous Medal is one of the most important places of Prayer and Catholic pilgrimage in Paris. It draws believers from all over the world.

An InvitationIf you would like to have this presentation given to your parish church, or organization, please contact us at (210) 521-3377 to schedule an Evening or Morning with Mary.

Two million were distributed worldwide by 1836. Reports came in of miraculous healings of those who had been hopelessly incurable. Some of the worst enemies of the Church experienced unlikely and amazing conversions. By the 21st century more than a billion medals had been reproduced and spread worldwide.

The animation is done extremely well. The show implements the use of CGI excellently, delivering smooth, clean-cut scenes and powerful performances. The quality of the voice acting, however, is debatable. Generally with dubbed foreign shows, there is often criticism of the voices given to each character. In terms of this show, this is somewhat true, as the English voices pale in comparison to the French voices, which do an excellent job. The show is available on Youtube in French with English subtitles, and this version is arguably the best. 041b061a72


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