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Google Is Offering 2GB Of Free Drive Storage To Those Who Take An Account Security Checkup

On February 9th, once again Google is promoting Safer Internet Day by asking users to perform a security check of the account, and those who do will receive an additional 2GB of Google Drive storage for free.

Google is offering 2GB of free Drive storage to those who take an account security checkup

On an effort to get users to protect their Google accounts to avoid security breach and prying eyes from snooping around, the search giant is giving away additional Google Drive storage to those who spend a few minutes securing their accounts through the Security Checkup dashboard.

This has become a yearly tradition for the company, with today's offer specifically honoring Safer Internet Day 2016. To get the extra Drive space, all you have to do is sign into your Google account and review your security settings, including factors like two-step verification, authorized devices, account verification settings, and a couple more. The process takes just a few minutes, and once you complete the check-up, you'll be awarded the extra 2GB of permanent Drive space for free.

Google is giving Drive users a small bump in storage space on Tuesday in celebration of Safer Internet Day, which is meant to promote awareness around responsible use of online technology. Google Drive members who complete a quick security checkup will get 2GB of storage added to their account.

That may not sound like a lot, but consider that files such as a photo taken with a smartphone or a text document in Google Docs usually only occupy a few hundred kilobytes of space in Drive, which is a fraction of a gigabyte. A basic Google Drive account comes with 15GB of storage space.

UPDATE: Although this article was posted last year but the same offer to get free 2GB Google Drive storage is now available again. So grab additional 2GB storage space in your Google Drive account by completing the security checkup.

Google is providing additional 2GB of free storage to all Google Drive users. You just need to complete a small and important security checkup and Google will automatically increase your free storage plan in Google Drive with 2GB.

Google is offering 2GB of FREE Drive storage if you review your account security. You will have to go through the security checklist here and when you are done, you will receive additional storage on Drive by 28th February. The offer is valid till 17th February ONLY. It hardly takes 2 minutes to complete the process for your free gift.

A security checkup will essentially make you aware of your account recovery options, your recent activities and recent application permissions. Ideally, one should be reviewing these security settings regularly to prevent from hacking and malicious usage of account. Google is trying to safeguard its users 1) By making the reviewing process really simple to use and 2) by offering free storage on Google Drive. I wish other companies also encourage their users to check their account settings regularly.

Google can be generous in a lot of corners especially when it comes to its online services, where the Big G is known to give away stuff either at a mega discount, or in some cases, absolutely free. Keeping the latter 'free' thought in mind, Google is once again in the mood of giving, and is offering users 2GB of free Google Drive storage space if they simply go through an online security checkup of their Google account. It's really as simple as that!

From any browser or device, use this link to log in to your Google account, complete the sub-5 minute process, and then bask in the glory of your free

Just like last year, Google Drive is offering its users 2GB of free storage for completing a simple security checkup in the next two days. It only takes a couple of minutes to complete, and you are eligible even if you got the 2GB free last year. But the offer only lasts until Feb. 11.

Google is celebrating Safer Internet Day 2016 by offering you 2 GB of free Drive storage. All you have to do is run a security check up on your account to make sure everything is up-to-date and secure.

The option to run a Security Checkup for your Google account has been included in your Google account settings for a few years already. But to entice users to actually do it, this week the company is offering its users 2 GB of free storage that you can keep forever.

Today, Google is offering two gigabytes of free storage space when users conduct a quick five-step account security checkup.The checkup confirms user recovery info, recent security events, connected devices, account permissions and two-step verification settings.

While this may not sound like much, it is enough to back up most of your necessities. But, in order to receive that free storage, you must navigate through the Google Security Checkup, which should only take a couple of minutes.

That's all there is to it. Once you're done, you get 2GBs of free Google storage permanently. The only catch is you only must complete your checkup by February 18. I think for an investment of about five-minutes for 2GBs of free storage, it's worth finding the time.

Finally, Google will grant the storage automatically to all of you around last day of February i.e. 28th February, 2016. You will be informed by an Email after completion of adjustment to your google drive. However, if you are using either Google Apps for Work or Google Apps for Education then you are not eligible for the bonus storage.

Let me know whether you have got your 2 GB extra storage in Google Drive free of cost. Note that the last date of this offer is 16th February, 2015. Thus, complete your account security checkup latest by 16/02/2015 and spread this offer to your friend and family so that they can also get 2 gigabyte extra Google Drive storage.

Complete the step-by-step security checkup related to your Google account and you will receive a free online storage worth 2GB added to your existing Google account. The offer is for only valid for one day where Google is giving out the free storage capacity on the occasion of Safer Internet Day 2016.

In order to get the free storage added to your account, all you need to do is to complete your Google sign-in and review your security settings from start to end. The process will take you around 10 minutes of your time and at the end of it, you will be greeted with a message that your online storage for Google Drive will be expanded by 2GB for free. (check the link at the end of the article)

The free storage promotion is a yearly tradition from Google and it happens each year on Safer Internet Day. The security settings that consist of simple factors such as two-step verification, authorized devices, account verifications to apps and websites and a few others, need to be reviewed if they are intact and there is nothing fishy.

As it is, Google Drive offers 15GB of free storage (30GB for work and school accounts), so the slight bump isn't likely to dramatically change how you use the service, but the process you need to go through to get it is the point -- a set of actions that reinforce your attention to attending to your online security settings.

Step 3. Another option to free up space on the same page is the "Manage storage" button. Click on it, and it will take you to a page that will tell you how much time you have before filling up your storage space, and provide you with finding (and deleting) blurry photos, screenshots, and other potentially unwanted images that take up space.

Did you know that your Gmail emails and attachments will take up storage space in your Google Drive? Cleaning up your inbox, spam, and emptying the Gmail trash can are great ways to free up Google Drive space. Therefore, you can delete unwanted emails with large attachments.

The above are the methods and steps of how to increase Google Drive storage free, you can choose the right method according to your needs. If you want to increase the storage of google drive, you can apply for multiple accounts to get more than 15GB of space; if you only have one google drive account, you can only increase the storage space indirectly by reducing the use of storage.

Google has decided to mark the Safer Internet Day celebrated today by giving away free Drive storage. Google wants users to review their account's security settings, and after a few steps, they will be rewarded 2GB Drive storage free. However, this additional storage giveaway is valid only for today.

So, the process involves reviewing your account recovery options that are connected to devices, services that need permissions along with a two-step verification settings. On completing the process, users can view a final page that thanks them. The page will read, "To help celebrate Safer Internet Day 2016, we added 2GB of free Drive storage to your Google account because you completed the Security Checkup."

You have exceeded the storage quota for your Microsoft account. You have 5 GB of free OneDrive storage with your Microsoft account, which can be increased to up to 2 TB with a Microsoft 365 Family or Personal subscription.

Google Drive is a free cloud storage service that is part of the Google applications suite. It comes with 15GB of free storage space and lets you back up all of your photos and videos at a reduced quality without them counting against your free account storage.

The best alternative to dropbox is Google Drive. This service offers 5GB of free storage space for every new user account and a monthly subscription option that starts at $1.99 per month for 100GB of storage space and goes up to $9.99 per month for 1TB of storage space.

As you can see below, this year the extra 2GB bonus is instantly applied, as seen by our account settings overview of our Google Drive storage. Do note the free storage does not apply to Google Apps for Work or Education accounts.

Although that does give Google a notable edge in this section, Dropbox offers several ways to increase your free storage. Basic (free) accounts can earn an additional 500MB of storage space for each friend or family member referred to the service, up to 16GB. Users can also compose a short message about why they enjoy using Dropbox to get 125MB for free.


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