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[S6E2] The Meeting HOT!

Jim tries to advance in the company; he talks to David Wallace at the office about making him manager and making Michael director of sales. Michael desperately tries to find out what is happening and is suspicious. First, he asks Pam if she knows anything, however she refuses to tell him. Michael finds a willing partner in Andy, who creates a cheese cart, allowing Michael to hide underneath. Andy wheels the cheese cart into the conference room where David and Jim are meeting, but the meeting ends immediately, and Michael is left with no information.

[S6E2] The Meeting

After his meeting with Jim, David Wallace wants to talk with Michael in his office. David Wallace asks Michael what he thinks about Jim, and Michael says that he is a good guy, but not capable of running Dunder Mifflin Scranton. He shows David a negative review in Jim's file and then David reveals Jim's idea to make Michael director of all Northeast sales and to make him branch manager. Then, David leaves and tells Jim to walk him out, and Jim comes back looking angry at Michael.

In the episode, Michael plots to sabotage Jim's plans after Jim and David Wallace have a secret meeting without him. In the end, Jim is promoted to co-manager. Meanwhile, Dwight and Toby become suspicious of an injury Darryl supposedly got at work, and Pam tries to get RSVPs from the office for her wedding to Jim.

Michael Scott (Steve Carell) becomes nervous when Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) has a private meeting with CFO David Wallace (Andy Buckley). He constantly tries to intrude into the meeting, finally sneaking into the meeting room in a cheese cart made by Andy Bernard (Ed Helms). David asks to see Michael after finishing up with Jim, and hints that he is thinking of having Jim promoted to regional manager. Michael, not wanting to lose his position, derides Jim's management potential and shows David his personnel file (which, thanks in part to Toby's unrequited affection for Jim's fiancé Pam, is full of comments on how much Jim slacks off). However, David mentions that Jim suggested that, in addition to his own promotion, Michael also be promoted to oversee all Northeast sales, but if Michael would not take the promotion, then Jim would accept a job offer somewhere else. David asks Jim to walk him to his car, where he tells him that he has changed his mind without explaining why. Michael, watching from his window, notices a downtrodden Jim and says to the camera that he feels "partially responsible".

The Teams meeting organizer role is a new feature that allows you to extend meeting facilitation to other people in your organization. Adding a co-organizer is especially useful in the following scenarios:

In this scenario, Debra needs to facilitate a confidential board meeting on behalf of Adele, so she will require the co-organizer role in addition to being the calendar delegate. This will allow Debra to:

Later that day, Bonnie catches Christy scratching off lottery tickets in their living room. Angry at her daughter for breaking her sobriety, Bonnie heads off to the GA meeting to find Ned. After eyeing the buffet spread, she tells him they need to talk right after she eats a meatball sub.

At a GA meeting the next day, Christy and her new friend Lucy lament over how hard giving up gambling is. After she asks if Christy would consider being her sponsor, Christy, back at square one herself, decides to share the pickle analogy with Lucy, to try to help her as best she can.

Jamie, our fearless leader, had to intervene with Tom's church when he recruited Roger as a preacher and fueled rumors Claire was a witch. Jamie ordered Tom to make his church a "meeting place" for protestants, Catholics, men, and women and threatened Tom to never speak of Claire and witchcraft in the same sentence ever again.

Four years later, we see Tommy arranging a meeting with Michael, who didn't see Tommy after his mother's death. Tommy has given up on drinking, and he asks Michael to arrange a meeting with Jack Nelson, Gina's uncle. After the meeting, Tommy informs the police that Michael is in possession of drugs.

The Marshes, Broflovskis, Cartmans, and the Stotches plan a family ski vacation at Aspen. They express concern over the cost of the trip, until Chris and Linda point out that, in exchange for attending a half-hour timeshare meeting, they get a free two-day trip there. The parents then make up their minds to go that weekend, and they take their children with them. They drive in the next night seeing the town of Aspen.

On their first day in Aspen, they awake to find two timeshare salesmen, named Phil and Josh, waiting at the door. They urge them to attend the meeting, but the parents are a little reluctant, as they had hoped to attend it later, and ski right at the moment. In the boys' room, Cartman gives Butters a "Hitler" while he's sleeping. He describes it as "Putting your finger up your butt, then wiping on the person's upper lip and giving them a little Hitler mustache". Butters can smell the crap, and Cartman says, "That's why they call it Ass-pen!"

Next, at the Bunny Slope, the ski instructor "Thumper" teaches them the two primary feet positions in skiing: the pizza, (skis wedged together in an angle) and the French fries (skis are parallel). When Ike attempts to ski down the slope he crashes through the wall of the lodge. During the boy's practice, a teenage skier and stereotypical arrogant bully, named Tad Mikowski, comes by and starts to tease Stan because of his surname, saying that rather than "Stan Marsh", he ought to be called "Stan Darsh". After this moment, the main plot of the story parodies classic teen and sports films from the 1980s. The only difference is that the other boys show no concern whatsoever, however none of the other parties involved seem to realize this. Through the timeshare presentation, as it has been three hours instead of thirty minutes. The salesmen are having no progress in persuading the adults to rent any of the condominiums there. At last, Randy and Gerald tell the men that the whole group is now leaving. Phil and Josh seem to go along with this decision, and merely ask for the adults to turn over their table place cards. They agree to do so. As it happens, these place cards have the "red sticker" on them; which can be redeemed for one of three prizes. The parents, not wanting to waste any more time, refuse, and the salesmen start crying. The parents then agree, in tired tones, to claim their prize. It is an exclusive ski lift. They are relieved that they can finally go skiing, and climb aboard. To their horror, however, the lift simply carries them right back to the meeting room, and the meeting continues once more.

Stan asks the trainer, Thumper, for special training, and he agrees, although in a rare moment of competency for the show he does not think he can do it. Even the redheaded teen pitches in, and instructs Stan, accompanied to the ideal song "Montage." In the scene, Stan trains and studies, the parents are forced to sit through their timeshare meeting and a tearful Kyle stares at the K-13 holding a picture of himself and Stan, while Cartman is seen giving Butters the "Hitler" in his sleep again, and the song ends where Stan has finally completed his training.

Even the next day, the parents are still trapped at the timeshare meeting, and, unable to bear it any longer, they look to the police for help. They get no support from them as they reveal that they are controlled by the time sharing company. However, the parents are all forced at gunpoint by the officers, so they will agree to rent some condos after all.

Baby Geoffrey is hitting home runs left and right for the team, much to Ruxin and Bethesda's (Ruxin's boss and team coach) delight. His nickname is now "Lightning" and Ruxin is swelling with pride. Not as proud is Taco, who spends the majority of this episode looking for someone to join Taco Corp. Pete gets suckered into joining and heads to the board meeting in Taco's van. The other board members are Slick, a homeless man allegedly in charge of HR, and Gupta, who does accounting and brings utensils. They discuss their mission in finding the Eskimo brothers of the world and Taco is a happy camper.

Meanwhile, Andre has been ON IT with his quips this episode, prompting Pete to question whether he's getting outside help. We learn in the first few minutes that NFL on FOX's Jay Glazer is feeding him lines but it isn't until Glazer stops by Andre's office that we learn why. Apparently, as part of a donation Andre made, the joke assists have been a part of "charity work." Glazer tries to cut ties but Andre pleads for help "one more time." Glazer reluctantly agrees as Pete almost catches the two meeting in his quest to uncover what's making Tefl-Andre tick.

They get to the meeting place and shockingly, the catfish turns out to be Ericka, Alante's godsister. Ericka says that Alante had told her about his interest in Seiairah and Ericka wanted to prove to Seiairah that Alante was someone who would just cheat on her.

Monk is convinced that Murderuss is guilty, but Natalie has a hunch he is innocent. They stop at the studio for Fresh Rhymes Records. They speak to the label's heads, Denny Hodges and Woody Mitchum. Xtra Large had just moved to the label, and they had high hopes for him. They give their alibi for that morning: they were at their weekly breakfast meeting. Woody complains that there was no place setting for him at 8:00 a.m. Denny says he forgot about it, but Woody considers this implausible since they have been meeting like this for years, and says it was a deliberate slight.

GoodbyeSeason 6Episode 2The Chief has a meeting with the hospital board.Episode InformationAirdateSeptember 24, 2009Written byKrista VernoffDirected byBill D'EliaEpisode GuidePreviousNextGood MourningI Always Feel Like Somebody's Watchin' Me

Alex, Arizona, and Richard are discussing Andy's case. Andy's back in the ER. Alex and Arizona propose the 3D MRI again, but then Richard will need $5,000 from any of them. Otherwise, they can come with him to his board meeting and explain why they're running this hospital like it's a charity. He walks away and Arizona starts crying. She tells Alex she has authority issues and tells him to walk away. 041b061a72


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