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Salesforce Migration Tool For Mac !!TOP!!

I already had the latest version of Eclipse installed, which handles the Ant installation for you. You can confirm this by typing ANT-version in Terminal. So, it was just a question of getting the migration tool in the Ant lib directory. (This took me a bit of searching hence this quick post).

Salesforce Migration Tool For Mac

This means your instance or org has not been updated with the latest release and does not match the version of the Ant migration tool. Download and older version of the Ant migration tool to fix the issue. migration tool(based on JAVA), is used to deploy the Metadata from one organization to other organization or we can use it to retrieve the metadata from one organization and then make some changes locally and then deploy that metadata again to the same organization. We can also migrate the metadata using Change sets but there are some extra features provided in this ANT migration tool:

Before starting using migration tool, you need to do some set-up on your machine in order to get the commandsexecuted from command prompt. So, first of all you need to install the JAVA and migration tool on your system. Below are the steps to have these things done:

This Excel Add-in provides bi-directional access to the API via the Toolkit for Office and is useful for cleaning and mass-updating data from within a spreadsheet. Updated features include access to Products2 and custom objects, API names or labels, simple query wizard, readable usernames, and more.

Now that we can run this shell script to get our metadata we may want to invoke it from an ant process. To do that we could add a target[run-getAllsh] to a build xml specifying the path to our script and the argument we've been passing [Report]. All good fun with the migration tool, ant, and a shell script.

Workbench is a powerful, web-based suite of tools designed foradministrators and developers to interact with Salesforce.comorganizations via the APIs. Workbench includes robust supportfor the Partner, Bulk, Rest, Streaming, Metadata, and Apex APIs that allowsusers to describe, query, manipulate, and migrate both data and metadatain organizations directly in their web browser with asimple and intuitive user interface. Workbench also provides manyadvanced features for testing and troubleshooting the APIs,such as customizable SOAP headers, debug logs for API traffic, backwardcompatibility testing with previous API versions, and single sign-onintegration within the Salesforce application.

The FMDataMigration executable is a command line tool that can dramatically speed up the data migration process. It provides a text-based command syntax that includes options to meet most deployment needs. You can use this tool to replace or supplement your existing data migration process when deploying changes from a production file.

This benefits developers working with very large data sets. The FMDataMigration tool presents a huge time saver with an offline production system. Since this is a command line tool, you can use free plugins such as BaseElements or MBS FileMaker Plugin to issue system commands (Terminal on the Mac and Command Prompt in Windows) to perform this migration right from within FileMaker. Doing so can simplify and structure the deployment process for less experienced developers.

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I asked Dave Gruber from Adobe and Eric Stahl from what is really new here, since has always exposed a SOAP web service API, and Flash Builder has the ability to import WSDL service descriptions in order to call them. In addition, a Toolkit for Adobe AIR and Flex has been available for some time.


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